What is TeleConnect?

TeleConnect is an innovative cloud based conferencing service that provides users with the collaborative tools required to facilitate high quality online appointments. TeleConnect's advanced scheduling system, calendar integration and real time participant monitoring make it a self-proficient platform to orchestrate any consultation. Users from any internet connected device are able to join from a variety of end points, such as existing legacy room systems, WebRTC integrated browser, and voice dial up. This makes the types of collaboration available endless, making TeleConnect a viable candidate for industry spaces such as Health, Education, Business, Community and many more.

What it looks like.


To make high quality virtual collaboration possible, we recognise that truely flexible appointments require more than just a webcam.

Real-time Monitoring

At a glance, know exactly where your participants are by viewing each stage of their status as they join and participate within the conference.


Create immediate appointments for now, or schedule them for a future date. Security, file and other invite customisations are available.

Conference Auditing

Keep track of all appointment history and associated costs with our audit feature and export your monthly reports.

Independent Configuration

Self-manage and administer all user accounts within your organisation. Control account types and privileges from the admin panel.

Video Conferencing

Browser centric video conferencing creates a flexible platform to attend and stream live video meetings on large and intimate scales alike.

Calendar Integration

Integrate your conference appointment reminder across calendars in multiple devices, ensuring you never forget when your next upcoming meeting is.

File Sharing

All partcipants are able to exchange a range of relevant files quickly and securely with our in-conference file uploader.

Chat Conversation

Users have the ability to hold real-time conversations within the TeleConnect web application and during conferences.

Flexible Joining

Join conferences using a diverse range of platforms. Including browser, room system, dial-up connection and quick access code.

Screen Sharing

Broadcast a live snapshot of your screen to all those attending your appointment. Ideal for quickly sharing presentations.

Live Support

Provide and recieve live support to participants during your conference using our real-time help desk system.

Customisable Templates

Multiple templates available to suit your business theme and style. Personally designed templates available too.

Oh and this is just the begining, more exciting features are being added everyday!

But what really sets us apart?

TeleConnect is available as a white label software. This allows you to directly customise the service according to your business and tweak TeleConnect’s features, interface or external API integration. In others words, you'll be able to provide this service to your clientele as a customised product complete with your logo and business style. In you are interested, please enter email address and our sales team will contact you shortly.

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